Frequently Asked Questions about Electromagnetic Neuromuscular Stimulation with Wonder and their answers

What is the Wonder® electromagnetic neuromuscular stimulation device?

The Wonder® is an electronic device that is designed and manufactured to be used for bodybuilding, body toning, muscle recovery and overall body improvement. It incorporates all the modern technical advances that allow the application of safe, effective, fast and discomfort-free therapy.

How does the Wonder® device work?

The Wonder® device emits electromagnetic and electrical signals acting solely on skeletal muscles, both superficially and deeply, causing muscle neurostimulation. Muscle neurostimulation is involuntary muscle contraction induced by electrical stimulation. Since the central nervous system controls voluntary muscle activation and contraction by sending signals to the nerves, the effect of muscle neurostimulation is obvious. Similarly, the Wonder apparatus also uses the motor units of the muscle to cause contraction without the need for signals from the brain.

Thanks to the combination of electromagnetic radiation and neurostimulation, therapy with the Wonder® device is a very effective way to get your muscles working, achieving significant improvement in various muscle qualities:
• No cardiovascular or mental fatigue.
• With limited strain on joints and tendons, allowing a greater amount of muscle work compared to voluntary muscle movements.

What should I do before and after the Wonder® procedure?

• Drink at least one liter of water 6-8 hours before the session.
• It is best to drink fluids at room temperature and avoid the consumption of caffeine and alcoholic beverages that stimulate fluid secretion.
• Juice consumption should also be avoided as the stomach's ability to process it is limited.
• Do not eat just before therapy. Wait until at least 2 hours have passed.
• If you have health problems, consult your doctor before starting therapy.
• Do not do any other strenuous exercise 24 hours before and 24 hours after therapy.

• In order to support rapid muscle recovery and development, a high protein intake immediately after therapy (e.g. protein shake) is recommended.
• It is important to give yourself a break after each session to allow the body to recover
• After the session, the muscles need to rebuild their fibers through tissue regeneration, which is why they need more and better absorbed nutrients
• To achieve the best possible results, follow these recommendations:
- reduce or stop alcohol intake
- take more proteins, vitamins and minerals that help the body to nourish muscle mass.
• Reduce consumption of simple carbohydrates
• Contribute to the elimination of toxins and natural lymphatic drainage through increased aerobic physical activity

Is there a recovery period after a Wonder® procedure?

No. Muscle-neural electromagnetic stimulation has no recovery period. Immediately after the procedure, fatigue is felt as after a gym workout and most people return to their daily activities.

When will I see results after a Wonder® procedure?

The first results can be seen after the first few procedures, and significant results can be seen after an initial course of 8 procedures within 4 weeks. The results themselves also depend on the structure of the muscles, the state of the body before starting the therapy, lifestyle, nutrition, mental state, etc.

Usually during the therapy the client begins to notice an increase in muscle mass and a progressive decrease in fat, an improvement in general condition and skin condition.

IRIDA Laser-Aesthetic Center offers its clients a completely free body composition analysis with a top-of-the-line body segment analyzer from the Japanese brand TANITA, which tracks the result of Wonder® procedures. Parameters measured include:
• Weight (kg)
• Body fat (%)
• Segmental body fat (%)
• Muscle mass (kg)
• Segmental muscle mass (kg)
• Muscle quality (kg)
• Quality of the segmental muscles
• Muscle assessment
• Visceral fat
• Total body water %
• Basal metabolic rate (kcal)
• Metabolic age
• Physical rating
• Bone mass (kg)
• Body mass index
• Pulse

How many Wonder® procedures are needed?

The initial recommended number of procedures is 8 distributed 2 per week for a minimum of 4 weeks.
Since the Wonder® machine is used for bodybuilding, toning, muscle recovery and overall body improvement, the number of procedures required cannot be determined. These processes are usually lengthy and the number of procedures depends on the client's desire to achieve the specified results.

At what intervals are Wonder® procedures performed?

The recommended interval between each procedure is 48 hours, with a minimum interval of 24 hours. Also, the recommended number of procedures is 1 or 2 per week.

Is the Wonder® procedure painful?

No, there is no pain during the procedure with the Wonder® device. The feeling is of a slight piercing tingling of the muscles as a result of the electromagnetic pulse. This sensation is different for different people and is controlled by the strength of the impulse set by the therapist at the beginning of the procedure.

What are the contraindications for a Wonder® procedure?

• Pregnancy or breastfeeding
• Bacterial or viral illness, flu-like condition, malaise or pain
• Bone problem, after acute trauma or fracture
• Cardiovascular disease, heart failure or pacemaker
• Cardiac defibrillator or other implanted metal or electronic devices
• Skin disease, dermatitis, inflammation, irritation, etc.
• Presence of open wounds, burns, hemorrhages, ulcers or serious damage in the area of ​​contact with the electrodes
• Recent surgical interventions (last 4 weeks)
• Critical ischemia of the lower limbs
• Abdominal or inguinal hernia
• Serious problems with the arterial circulation of the lower limbs
• Problems with sensitivity or inability to express
• Advanced atherosclerosis or arterial circulation disorders
• Bleeding, severe hemophilia
• Fever, acute bacterial or viral processes
• Skin damage, allergy or other skin irritation accompanied by itching and rashes on the skin
• Serious neurological disease such as multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spastic spinal palsy, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and paralysis
• Tuberculosis
• Oncological disease (including cancer) with malignant tumors and risk of metastases
• Metal or synthetic implants in the area where therapy will be applied
• Thrombosis

Which areas can be treated with Wonder®?

With the Wonder device, the arms, abdominal muscles, lateral abdominal muscles, buttock, front thigh muscles and rear thigh muscles can be treated simultaneously in one procedure.

How long does the Wonder® procedure take?

The procedure lasts 25 minutes, during which time the whole body is treated simultaneously.

Is the Wonder® procedure safe?

The procedure with the Wonder® device is completely safe for use on the arms, abdomen, waist (flaps), buttocks (including breeches) and legs, as the electromagnetic pulses penetrate through the skin only into the muscles and do not affect other parts of the body.

Are there side effects to a Wonder® procedure?

There are no side effects in treatments with the Wonder® device, except:
• Muscle pain that may occur in certain areas between 48 and 72 hours after the session.
• In rare cases, stimulation late at night can lead to difficulty falling asleep.