Electromagnetic neuron stimulation with 

For the first time in Bulgaria: the most modern and effective device for electromagnetic neuron stimulation Wonder Prestige! With 52,000 muscle contractions of all muscle groups together, a 25-minute procedure is equivalent to several hours of intense fitness training without the risk of injury.

Extremely suitable for:
- building, modeling and contouring of the main muscle groups, both for active sportsmen and non-active sportsmen;
- maintenance of muscle tone, restoration and retention of volume after injuries, as well as before and after surgical interventions, when movement is limited;
- pelvic floor restoration;

Helps to:
- burning body fat and increasing muscle mass;
- improvement of metabolism, by actively burning calories and changing the body's energy priorities;
- improving blood circulation, by dilating the blood vessels and supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the cells;
- tightening of the skin and improvement of its texture.

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