Laser-aesthetic center IRIDA

IRIDA is a family laser-aesthetic center, which offers its clients laser hair removal at an extremely high level of quality. We serve our customers with care and attention and provide them with maximum convenience.

We created IRIDA, driven by our need to use a high quality laser hair removal service. We have used this service before, so we understand the needs of the client very well. We know where we can make improvements. At our aesthetic center, we treat our clients with the understanding, attention, care and individual attitude that we ourselves would like to receive. Because we believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and cozy.


Laser hair removal with 

The Prime Lase laser hair removal device is a diode laser platform with an ultra short pulse duration and the highest peak power among the known diode lasers in the aesthetic sector - up to 4800W.

State-of-the-art technology that is highly effective for all skin types and in all seasons. It uses "crystal freeze" cooling technology in its applicator, which constantly and automatically regulates the temperature. This makes the procedure painless and protects the skin from burns. After a full course of procedures (6-10) we achieve a result of up to 12 years with 1 maintenance procedure per year.